Vetting Process




We are providing the information to properly document and vet all living members of the 65th Infantry Regiment and those next of kin whose Borinqueneer was called by the Almighty on or after the signature of the President of the United States on June 10th, 2014 to pass into Public Law 113-120, the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal.


There is a vetting process to assure that the true Borinqueneers are invited to the ceremony and recognized posthumously through our efforts in later venues, pending funds raised.


Due to this once in a lifetime solemn occasion, we are committed to recognize the true members of this regiment.  To avoid misrepresentation, identity polemics and a prompt vetting process, we have decided to centralize all vetting efforts with the Veteran’s Procurement Office in Puerto Rico, the birthplace of the US Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment and with it finally create a Master Roster of these soldiers of freedom.


It will be very helpful if you can submit documentation to officially confirm the Veteran’s service with the 65th Infantry Regiment and with it secure his legacy for their Family and Generations to come.


For all information related to the vetting process, please use any of the methods/links provided:


·      “Oficina del Procurador del Veterano del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico” (Veteran’s Procurement Office of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) Phone: 787-758-5760 Ext. 251

·      “Asociación de Retirados del 65 de Infantería y Veteranos de las Fuerzas Armadas de los EE.UU. Inc.” (65th Infantry Association & Veterans of the Armed Forces of the US, Inc.) Phone: 787-600-3780

·      You can register digitally by downloading the required form at: www.opv.pr.gov and look for the “Registro de Borinqueneers” (Borinqueneers Registry) link

·      Once the form is filled and documentation is gathered by the Veteran or their Family, it could be scanned along with the evidence of service and sent via email at: voluntaries@opv.pr.gov

·      Or you can mail all the documentation at the following address:


Oficina Procurador del Veterano del Estado Libre Asociado de PR

Apartado 11737

San Juan, PR 00910-1737

Attn: Registro de Borinqueneers


If you are in Puerto Rico, personally deliver all documentation to:


Oficina del Procurador de Veteranos del Estado Libre Asociado de PR

Avenida Ponce de León

Edificio Mercantíl Plaza, Piso 10

Oficina 1001

Hato Rey, PR


If no documents are in your possession or with the family, a request could be made in the Veterans stead, filling out and submitting electronically SF-180 at:  http://www.nara.gov  ** this will take some time, but will be official.  Be specific when requesting his DD-214(s) or any other files, to be from the time period related to the Veterans Service with the 65th Infantry Regiment**


The other alternative, if NO documentation is available or formally presented in time for the Ceremony, the medal could be purchased directly at the United States Mint Website, after the unveiling event.

We ask the Family/Relatives of the living Borinqueneers to participate and help your Veterans submit electronically such documentation, since most of the Borinqueneers either don’t have access, have the knowledge or expertise of modern technology due to their age, physical and mental conditions.  They are fading away with time and being called by the Almighty.  They need the community’s help to reach out to each and every one that is alive…


Those Veterans that have already submitted their documentation via BCGM CNC and have been vetted are already added to the roster, but regardless we will be re-submitting all documents to share in the effort to create a Master Roster.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us the BCGM CNC as well.  We speak Spanish if needed, to help convey the information accurately and promptly.  Please spread the word, contribute and help us make this historical journey worthy of their sacrifices and heroic legacy.  God Bless…


We request that all other individuals, organizations and entities claiming to advocate, care and promote the Borinqueneers, to properly disclose publicly this information exactly as it is hereby officially submitted, to reach out and make this event worth of remembrance.  Let’s make Honor and Fidelity our true north.