Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee

Ways You Can Help

You can help the BCGMC meet its worthy goals by making an individual cash donation. Donations can be made online using the Pay Pal link below or by mail to:


BCGM Ceremony National Committee

P.O. Box 631

Washington, DC 20044


Donations can also be made online using PayPal

Corporate and Business Donors Please contact the BCGMC here for additional details on corporate giving opportunities and benefits.

Please Spread the Word:

You can also help by spreading the word about the Borinqueneers and the BCGMC through email and social media. By doing this you will help us raise awareness about the Borinqueneers and also help to increase donations to our cause. On social media feel free to use the hashtags: #BorinqueneersCeremony or #BorinqueneersCGM.


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  If you would like to volunteer with the BCGMC please contact us here and let us know what skills and capabilities you have and would be able to help us with.


  If you would like to donate authentic memorabilia for the Smithsonian Institute contact us here (they don't have any items about the the 65th Infantry Regiment) 

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Thanks to the contributions by:

There many expenses associated with the Unveiling Ceremony, the Reception, and the BCGM National Tour.  At this point we are focused on the Unveiling Ceremony in Wasington, DC.  All financial contributions will be prioritized and used to cover the following items for the Ceremony and subsequente: 
       - Procure Borinqueneers Tribute Package that will include (provided funds are available): 
       - Bronze 3” Replicas 1,000 ct. 
       - Certificate of Awards and Covers 1,000 ct. each 
       - 1.5” Medal Replicas 1,000 ct. 
       - Gift Boxes 1,000 ct. 
       - Custom Gift Bag 1,000 ct. 
       - Name Tags 1,000 ct.

       - Public Relations Education Campaign 

Cover Washington DC Unveiling Ceremony Expenses (Borinqueneers +1 Guest - in need of financial assistance): 
      - Airfare 
      - Hotel 
      - Meals 
      - Transport 
      - Emergency Medical Assistance Service, and Special Need

All Donations will be applied to expenses associated with the pre-unveiling, unveiling ceremony, and post-unveiling ceremony.