Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee

To All Borinqueneer Supporters:

Thank you for contacting us, and demonstrating interest in paying tribute, promoting the legacy, and educating the public about the 65th Infantry Regiment also known as the Borinqueneers.  The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee is requesting the cooperation of everyone to contribute to the upcoming events in order to make sure that these noble soldiers are given the highest tribute, to promote their legacy and to educate the public about their contributions to our nation’s freedom.   This can only be made possible with contributions of patriots like yourselves in order to show our gratitude for their heroic deeds.  Full funding will assure that our mission and duty to the Borinqueneers are met.  This plan shows the complexity of the logistics as well as extent of the necessary expenses, none of which is covered by any governmental agency or the Public Law No. 113-120.


The complete application for the IRS 501c3 packet has been submitted to the Internal Revenue Service for the proper recognition status under Internal Revenue Code of regulations.  On September 18th 2015 we were notified via a formal notification Letter (3367C) that the Exempt Organization is now reviewing our applications.   This Committee has been created for this purpose, and will follow very strict reporting guidelines to assure compliance and transparency. 


Therefore, it is necessary to reach out to individuals, small businesses, corporations and organizations to help in this endeavor.   We all must keep in mind that we are enjoying the very freedoms they helped to protect with their blood, sweat and tears while enduring many sacrifices beyond the hardships of war.

All financial contributions will be prioritized and used to cover the following items for the Ceremony and subsequente : 
       - Procure Borinqueneers Tribute Package that will include (provided funds are available): 
       - Bronze 3” Replicas 1,000 ct. 
       - Certificate of Awards and Covers 1,000 ct. each 
       - 1.5” Medal Replicas 1,000 ct. 
       - Gift Boxes 1,000 ct. 
       - Custom Gift Bag 1,000 ct. 
       - Patches 1,000 ct.

       - Public Relations Campaign 

Cover Washington DC Ceremony Expenses (Borinqueneers +1 Guest - in need of financial assistance): 
      - Airfare 
      - Hotel 
      - Meals 
      - Transport 
      - Emergency Medical Assistance Service, and Special Need


Puerto Rico Ceremony (Provided funds are available) 
Florida Ceremony (Provided funds are available) 
BCGM Tour (Provided funds are available)

We need the community as a whole to open their hearts and contribute, so these efforts are brought to the level and the prestige this award means to our country and veterans, and most importantly; the Borinqueneers have earned and deserve.


Money is important and managing it is serious responsibility which I take extremely serious, and volunteer work is valuable as well, due to the fact that small venues usually bring more attention, clarity, information, and education to the masses in a more intimate forum. We welcome all ideas to; pay tribute, promote legacy and educate the public.   A more detailed budget is being completed and will be made public when it is finalized. This is a work in progress and is contingent upon funds raised.  As an active advocate during the legislative phase we delivered on time, and as a Liaison we delivered on time as well.  With your support the BCGM CNC will get done right with love and respect to our Borinqueneers.


I hope this message finds all of you in good spirits, and remember always that these veterans fought for the freedoms we enjoy.
Be attentive to future emails & news releases, and we invite you to join our Facebook Page or any of our Social Media Outlets for detail just click on the icon logos shown below.




Samuel Rodríguez Ríos Jr., CEO 
BCGM Ceremony National Committee